Posted by: universallearningcentreblog | August 15, 2011

Haitian Music

I decided to lighten up a bit today.  I figure the post about deforestation in Haiti was a bit much to digest, so for some fun today, I’m posting a list of Haitian songs I love.

My personal favorite Haitian band is Lakol, and “Ole Ole” is a great song, one of their most popular.

“Ole ole”

Zin plays fun, catchy music and throws in some English here and there.

“All the Way”

Emeline Michel is really a Haitian beauty.  She sings in French and Creole, although her most popular song is entitled, “A.K.I.K.O.” which is said to be a Japanese word, and is a song which she wrote during a tour in Japan.

“L’odeur de ma terre”


Jackito, also known as Jacques Sauveur Jean, was more traditional in years past but now has much more of a “pop” feel to it.

“Je l’aime a mourir”

“Troubadour,” in English, the band Haiti Twoubadou is exactly what their name indicates:  lyrical poets.  The band features all sorts of instruments from brass to strings.  The video for this song, “Je Vais” features a popular Haitian comedian.

“Je Vais”

This last song, I don’t know well but I wanted to share something that the newly elected Michel Martelly sang when he performed under the name “Sweet Micky.”   Apparently, Sweet Micky was “hard core” pop music, and tended to be crass, not something adult Haitians generally listened to very much.  He was wildly successful for a time, and seems a silly choice for president, but has won the people’s support and has some very interesting ideas for improvement in Haiti.

Ou Fe Mwen Mal

I hope you enjoy the music!  I have purchased some of it on iTunes before in case you’re looking for it.  Have fun!


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