Universal Learning Centre (ULC) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization whose goal is to reach out to developing countries by providing them with public centres for learning materials and access to information in an effort to increase the availability and improve the quality of education in those countries.

Education is broadly used as an instrument for social change. The critical point of such belief can be traced far back to the 1960s when Theodre Schultz systematically articulated the human capital theory of development. In his voluminously printed works, Schultz argued that population quality and knowledge constitute the principal determinants of the future welfare of mankind (Schultz 1961). Adding to this argument, Harbison and Hanushek (1992) contended that a country which is unable to develop the skills and knowledge of its people and to utilize them effectively in the national economy will be unable to develop anything else. And according to Psacharopoulos, education is widely regarded as the route to economic prosperity, the key to scientific and technological advancement, the means to combat unemployment, the foundation of social equity, and the spread of political socialization and cultural vitality. Taking learning materials and establishing infrastructure to these developing communities is therefore the desideratum of ULC.

ULC operates on the premise that quality education is the foundation necessary to enable people, especially those with access to lesser resources, to elevate their economic status and improve their quality of living. Thus, the availability of superior learning materials such as books, audio-visuals, computers and internet access, workshops, language courses, and other media will assist people in developing countries in their quest to improve their quality of life.

ULC is committed to building strong working relationships with other organizations with similar interests, and therefore invites them as well as other individuals to partner with ULC in appropriate endeavors. ULC recognizes that an organization is only as strong as its supporters and is therefore devoted to creating networks with the sole intention of bolstering the education level within developing countries.



  1. Thanks for your efforts to assist the people of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. I am an advisor to Coalition of Children in Need Association (COCINA) which assist the school Institution Univers and Univers Medical Center in Ouanaminthe.

    Hal Merz

    • Hal – Thank you so much for your comment! I believe I’ve been on the website for COCINA!! I wonder if I might ask your help in trying to survey teachers in Ouanaminthe. We need a group of teachers to answer some questions in order to help us pinpoint how our library might help, what programs we should be planning for when we open next year. If you don’t mind, can I contact you by email to explain? Thank you so much!
      ~ Dana Jean, Executive Director

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